Distance Learning Courses

What are Distance Learning Courses?

ICS LearnDistance Learning Courses are the same courses and qualifications that you can study for at any college or university, the difference being you do all the study from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. You still get full support from your tutor, who is always available to answer any questions and help guide you through your course, and you can even chat to other students taking the same course in the online “common room”

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Why choose a Distance Learning Course?

The main reason people choose distance learning courses over the more traditional college/university courses is convenience. Put simply, a distance learning course fits in around your lifestyle, and is particularly beneficial to those students who already have a full time job or look after young children but who are looking to further their education, career prospects or personal development.

You’re not tied to attending classes at a set time every week, and you study entirely at your own pace. You then simply hand in coursework within deadlines and sit the relevant examinations in exactly the same way you would with a standard college course.

Finding the right Distance Learning Course for you:

You’ll find a much greater choice of distance learning courses than you would by attending your local college or university, as more courses tend to be run remotely, leaving you with a greater choice of potential subjects, whether you’re looking for a Degree in Philisophy, Egyptology or Aromatherapy, an A Level in History, Law or Economics, a whole host of GCSEs, or just a course to improve your computer skills, you’re bound to find the right distance learning course to suit you.

In short, distance learning courses are designed to suit you – They fit into your lifestyle and offer the choice and options that a traditional course may not.

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